Being active in the surroundings of Molecaten Park De Agnietenberg

Cycling, hiking, surfing...

For cycling and hiking enthusiasts, a stay in this region is always too short! There is so much to experience in nature.


Use the cycling junction network or a ready-made route. You can have lunch in a beautiful characteristic village or at a picnic spot with a fantastic view. Vechtdal Overijssel is a very popular province for cyclists, discover the most beautiful spots and routes yourself! From the park it is wonderful cycling along the Vecht and through the lands around Zwolle. Cycle along the Vecht towards Dalfsen or along the IJssel towards Kampen, Hattem or Wijhe. Various cycling routes are available at the reception desk.

Nice routes are for instance:

Zwolle was situated between the rivers IJssel and Vecht, but could not use these waterways. After the inhabitants of the marke Zwolle in 1230 received permission to strengthen their residence with walls, planks and canals, direct sailing connections to the Vecht and the IJssel and bridges over the rivers were the main wish for centuries. With the construction of the Willemsvaart in 1819, Zwolle was finally directly connected to the IJssel. That task has now been taken over by the Zwolle-IJssel canal. Start the route from junction 67, at the entrance of Molecaten Park De Agnietenberg.
  The Vecht valley between Dalfsen and Zwolle is a low-lying, marshy region. Names on the map such as Marshoek and Broekhuizen are significant: both 'mars' and 'broek' mean 'marsh'. In this area, habitation was only possible on the river dunes, which rise from the plain as slightly higher sand ridges (horsten). The villages of Hoonhorst, Lenthe, Wythmen and Herfte lie on them. This river dune landscape was created by the wind in the last ice age, which got a grip on the sandbanks that had fallen dry in the primeval river valley of the Vecht. Start the route from junction 49, which is only 2.5 km from Molecaten Park De Agnietenberg.


At the entrance to the public car park of De Agnietenplas, 3 marked walking routes start. The shortest route (green, 4.4 km.) is also good to walk with a pram. Besides this route, 2 other routes of 6,5 km start. These routes are marked with the colours yellow and purple.

Nice routes are a.o:

The route starts in the suburb Aa-landen, along the lowland brook the Westerveldse Aa, then around the lake the Wijde Aa and through the hamlet Langenholte to the Buitenlanden Holthagen with several gullies along the Vechtdijk. Then over Agnietenberg, a river dune of the Vecht, and via Brinkhoek, the 'gold coast of Zwolle', back to the starting point.
  The river Vecht has left its mark on the area you are walking through. The high dunes and the old river courses, but also the country estates, bear witness to that. Along the Vecht, the landlords built their stately mansions. The dead straight lanes that criss-cross the area provide beautiful panoramas. On the Mataram estate, you will also become acquainted with a special and old method of forestry: coppice culture. Once, the wood served mankind, but nowadays the forest is an ideal habitat for all kinds of animals.


  • Canoeing, supping or pedal boating on the Zwolle canal at Hiawatha actief.
  • Stalhouderij ‘Het Zwarte Paard’ in Emst: young or old, beginner or advanced, the stable offers you and the family various possibilities.
  • Golf: the true golf enthusiast can visit Golfclub Zwolle or Dutch Golf Center in Hattem. The best outing in the green for young and old: Pitch & Putt Golf at Heerderstrand in Heerde.
  • Watersports: Wakeboarding and water skiing at Lakeside Cablepark Zwolle on the Wijthmenerplas in Zwolle.
  • Escape Room Swolland in Zwolle: Find out what happens in this top secret Zwolle research laboratory. Will you manage to escape from this Zwolle puzzle room?
  • Klimbos Veluwe in Apeldoorn: a unique and exciting experience for young and old (from 7 years of age). There are 9 routes and about 120 different transitions, varying in height and difficulty.