In the vicinity of Molecaten Park De Leemkule

Action and adventure in the Veluwe and IJssel Valley

The Veluwe is home to an extraordinary and varied flora and fauna. You may find yourself in the middle of a forest or on vast drift sands. One moment you have to watch out for crossing wild boars and the next the fire-bellied woodpecker, the smallest bird in Europe, flutters past you!

Less known, but also very beautiful, is the IJssel valley and its 7 Hanseatic cities with attractive quays and monumental buildings. Outside the Hanseatic cities, the beautiful views across the forelands will surprise you.

Holidaying with children? Search for tracks in the forest, canoe from Hattem, visit an amusement park or bake something delicious in the Bakery Museum. Choose action and adventure in the Veluwe & Ijssel valley!

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