Taste of culture in the surroundings of Molecaten Park Het Landschap

Take trips to wonderful museums and beautiful villages!

Five thousand years ago, farmers were already living on the border of Friesland and Drenthe; plenty to discover in terms of culture!

Museums & sights

  • OERmuseum in Diever: go on a journey of discovery through different eras and come face to face with an imposing mammoth. Many archaeological finds come from the local area and show how people lived.
  • Hunebedcentrum in Borger: back to prehistory. The exhibition in the Hunebedcentrum lets you experience how the hunebed builders lived and worked thousands of years ago. 
  • Gevangenismuseum in Veenhuizen: learn everything about the history of Veenhuizen in the Gevangenismuseum - which is located in one of the original buildings of the colony! - learn everything about the history of Veenhuizen.
  • Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen: the first museum for modern and contemporary art in Friesland.
  • Museum Dr8888 in Drachten: Modern and contemporary art from the twentieth century tells stories that should not be forgotten.
  • Nationaal Vlechtmuseum in Noordwolde: Noordwolde is known as the 'plaiting village of the Netherlands', where for years baskets, chairs, cradles and other products were plaited from local willow.
  • Groninger Museum in Groningen: The museum for art, design and art history with changing collections and exhibitions.
  • Skûtsjemuseum in Eernewoude: central to this museum is the life of an earlier generation of sailors who sailed on skûtsjes.
  • Museum Opsterlân in Gorredijk: Experience the interesting past of Gorredijk and the municipality of Opsterland in the Museum Opsterlân.
  • Sudergemaal in Nij Beets: the first electric pumping station in Friesland. At peak times, the authentic pumps are switched on and the pumping station still moves water with great force. The pumping station is also a gallery.
  • Memorial Centre Kamp Westerbork in Hooghalen.

Towns & villages

  • Visit the beautiful (brink) villages: Orvelte, Ruinen, Vledder, Diever, Appelscha, Dwingeloo, Smilde, Oosterwolde, Roden and Bakkeveen.
  • Assen: here you will find a home furnishing boulevard, about ten (covered) shopping centres that have shopping evenings and Sundays and a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most of the shops are in Assen's historic city centre.
  • Groningen: great adventures, experience them in Groningen. With your feet in the clay of the vast polders. Sailing past seals on a bed of sand. In a sturdy, centuries-old church. Or somewhere in a side street, wandering through the city.
  • Leeuwarden: discover the capital of Friesland with a hundred names. Leeuwarden, Liwwadden, Leewadden, Ljouwert, Luwt, Lintwarde: it is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable journey through Friesland. With a town centre that is still the best-kept secret in the Netherlands, with a tower that is leaner than the building in Pisa and special people who do not take kindly to being told what to do but are always in for a chat and a beer.
  • Emmen: shopping, going to the theatre, cinema or to Wildlands? It's all possible in the versatile city of Emmen.