Being active in the surroundings of Molecaten Park Kuierpad

Discover the Drentse Highlands on foot, by bike...

Drenthe is the ideal province for cyclists, hikers, horse riders, golfers and even water sports enthusiasts!


Make use of the cycling junction network or a ready-made route. You can have lunch in a beautiful characteristic village or at a picnic spot with a fantastic view. Drenthe is a very popular province for cyclists; nowhere does the Cycle 4-day event have as many participants as here. Discover the most beautiful spots and routes yourself!

Beautiful routes are a.o:

The landscape in the heart of Drenthe is full of variation. Woods, centuries-old farmland, young reclaimed land, grazing areas with Scottish Highlanders and a canal, this route passes it all. Its namesake is the Sleenerzand, a mixed forest with coniferous and deciduous trees at the edge of Schoonoord. It connects to the Orvelterveld, which is part of the historical landscape around Museumdorp Orvelte. Start the route from junction 77, near Molecaten Park Kuierpad.
  Of course everyone knows the dolmens. These enigmatic stone burial chambers can be found everywhere in the Drenthe landscape. But there are many more exciting traces of prehistoric times to be found. From glacial pits to burial mounds and prehistoric fields. Get on your bike and take a trip back to the time of the mammoths, the hunebed builders and a minister with a lot of imagination.


Everywhere you go, you will find coloured posts that guide you through the woods, over heath and sand drifts. The most beautiful routes start from the information centres (definitely fun for children!). Explore both the sandy and peaty areas of Drenthe on foot. The differences are wonderful to experience and can be seen perfectly from the watchtowers in Boswachterij Odoorn and in the Bargerveen. Go for a walk with the forester or a guide. You will come across unexpected places and hear fascinating stories!

Lovely routes are a.o.:​

Signposted 1.5-kilometre children's walk from Theehuis Polshoogte in forestry Odoorn. There is also a high watchtower here.
  This is a long and varied route with quite a lot of nature and here and there some cultural history. The route crosses three traffic arteries which run from north to south: the A28 from 1971, the railway to Assen and Groningen which the Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Staatsspoorwegen built around 1870 and the Linthorst Homanaal from 1927.
  Walk of approx. 2.4 km.along traces of the past in Sleenerzand. Well-behaved dogs may run free, unless indicated otherwise along the way. Dogs must be kept on a leash in spring!
  This route goes through woods, heathland and stream valleys. And by strolling you really mean strolling in this case! In the area, you can walk around freely anywhere. You can use the instructions in the route description or take a GPS device with you so that you don't miss the sights. The route, sequence and paths are not fixed, you are completely free!
  From the car park of the former Kamp Westerbork you can walk an educational trail. The walking route goes through the Hooghalen forest area, past the former Kamp Westerbork, Hingsteveen and the radio observatory. The walk lasts approximately 1.5 hours.


  • Mountain biking in boswachterij Sleenerzand. Find a 32 km route here.
  • Horse riding: Drenthe is the horse-riding province of the Netherlands with no less than 900 km of horse-riding routes! Many routes are signposted, but you can also opt for a GPS tour on horseback. Riding schools are close by. Also fun; a tour by covered wagon! At ‘Alles Puur Paard’ (across the canal from our park) you can take a pony lesson or go for an outdoor ride!
  • Visit the Big Five hunebeds in Drenthe.
  • Golf: Drenthe Golfclub De Gelpenberg in Aalden and Golfpark in Exloo.
  • Water sports: sailing and surfing on the Leekstermeer, Paterswoldsemeer or Zuidlaardermeer.
  • Kartcircuit Pottendijk in Nieuw-Weerdinge: For young and old, race in a 'real' kart!
  • Eko-Tours in Exloo: Experience a unique green adventure on the Hondsrug with 100% electric and whisper quiet vehicles. Use discount code mpk2023eko for 5% discount per paying participant.