Trips with children in the surroundings of Molecaten Park Kuierpad

Plenty of fun activities with children at the centre!

Educational, exciting, fun or active. For children, there is plenty to do in one of the many attraction and/or animal parks in the area.


  • Hunebedcentrum in Borger: back to prehistory. The exhibition in the Hunebedcentrum lets you experience how the hunebed-builders lived and worked thousands of years ago.
  • Openluchtmuseum Ellert en Brammert in Schoonoord: Here you can relive the past of South-East Drenthe with stories about how people lived in the area. Take a look at the plaggenhut, the Saxon farm, the tollhouse, the school and the prison. Tickets are available at a discount in the reception.
  • Gevangenismuseum in Veenhuizen: learn everything about the history of Veenhuizen in the Gevangenismuseum - which is located in one of the original buildings of the colony! - learn everything about the history of Veenhuizen.
  • Groninger Museum in Groningen: The museum for art, design and art history with changing collections and exhibitions.

Play and amusement parks

  • Verkeers- & Attractiepark Duinen Zathe in Appelscha: an unforgettable day at the most famous amusement park in the north of the Netherlands.
  • Familiepark Nienoord in Leek: with the whole family all day long jumping, sliding and running in the large playground with various slides, climbing castles, bouncy castles and merry-go-rounds! Come and see the petting zoo and take a ride in the train.
  • Plopsa Indoor Coevorden in Dalen: experience an unforgettable day in the indoor amusement park with more than 25 attractions in the magical and enchanting world of Studio 100.
  • Cowboy & Indianen Speelreservaat in Coevorden: offers children from 1 to 12 years the opportunity to play indoors and outdoors on the many playground equipment such as trampolines, rope bridges, slides, bouncy castles, ball pools and much more.
  • Flippies Pretpaleis in Bakkeveen (at Molecaten Park 't Hout): run, fly, jump, dance, clamber around, splash around; in the indoor playground 'Flippies Pretpaleis' you can do it all.
  • Drouwenerzand Attractiepark in Drouwen: a fun day out for young and old. From tough, fast attractions for the real daredevils to play equipment for the little ones (from 3 years).


  • WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo in Emmen: make a world trip in one day. Travel through the jungle, the savannah and the polar region. Discover new worlds and stand eye to eye with wild animals. Tip: buy your entrance ticket with a discount at our reception! Prices: 0 to 2 years: free, from 3 years and adults: € 23.00.
  • Zoo Bizar in Orvelte: a mini-zoo, creatively set up on the part of an old Saxon farm in the museum village of Orvelte. Various small (exotic) animal species can be admired.
  • Taman Indonesia in Kallenkote: a small-scale zoo specialised in Indonesian culture, animals, plants and delicious food.
  • Stoer bij de boer in Valtermond: pigs, alpacas, rabbits, ponies, donkeys and cows to look at and cuddle.
  • Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen in Pieterburen: one of the oldest and best seal rehabilitation centres in the world. Volunteers and researchers from all over the world live and work at the campus and field station.
  • Vlinderparadijs Papiliorama in Havelte: enjoy the exotic, colourful flying jewels of nature in a specially laid out piece of tropical jungle.


  • Molecaten Outdoor Drenthe in Wezuperbrug (at Molecaten Park Kuierpad): climbing park, all-weather ski slope, archery and skate park.
  • Kabouterland in Exloo: with an exciting troll cave, a covered walking path, small exotic animals and an enigmatic castle ruin.
  • Buitencentrum Boomkroonpad in Drouwen: take an exciting trip through the root tunnel and through the tops of the trees.
  • Blotevoetenpad at Buitencentrum Drents-Friese Wold: feel the sand, the cool water, softly prickling pine needles and twigs with your bare feet. A stimulating walk for bare feet, which are usually hidden in a pair of shoes anyway.
  • Schaapskudde Balloërveld in Balloo: with 400 Drentse heath sheep, it is the largest flock in Drenthe! Wonderful to see. On the information panel at the sheepfold you can read exactly where they graze, sometimes it takes a long walk and a bit of searching.
  • Ezelknipoog in Meppen: take a very special walk in the village of Meppen...together with donkeys Tommy and Luuk!
  • Definitely go there: the watchtowers in the Boswachterij Odoorn en in het Bargerveen.
  • Eko-Tours in Exloo: experience a unique green adventure on the Hondsrug with 100% electric and whisper quiet vehicles. Use discount code mpk2023eko for 5% discount per paying participant.