In the vicinity of Molecaten Park Legénd Estate

Hungarian countryside together with the 'Paris of the East’

At Legénd Estate you will enjoy the peace and quiet, the variation in farmland, unspoiled nature and interesting towns. As well as meeting the friendly locals! The romantic Börzsöny Mountains are particularly rich in water, with more than 335 springs and lots of streams with fast-flowing water. With its extinct volcanic peaks, deeply carved valleys, narrow passes and beautiful rock forms, the Börzsöny is a beautiful nature reserve.

Hungary also has the 'Paris of the East'; Budapest! A delightful metropolis on the imposing Danube river and a 'must' for everyone staying with us (approx. 45 minutes’ drive). A visit to Sissi's palace or Aquaréna swimming paradise are great outings for both children and adults!

Back at your bungalow, the barbecue can be fired-up!