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3 Molecaten campings ANWB Top camping 2021

Flevostrand, Bosbad Hoeven and Wijde Blick are ANWB Top campings

November 2020

Flevostrand at Veluwemeer, Bosbad Hoeven with water park Splesj and Wijde Blick in Renesse have again achieved the maximum score of five stars in the ANWB camping inspection and may measure up to the very best campsites!

Het Landschap in Wateren (in National Park Drents-Friese Wold) and Noordduinen in Katwijk aan Zee have risen to 4.5 stars. We are very proud of this!

Independent campsite inspections

As the only party in the Netherlands, ANWB carries out fully independent campsite inspections in Europe. This year again, 2,000 campings were inspected. The inspectors assess the sanitary facilities, terrain, swimming, recreation and shops & restaurants. Because many campers consider the sanitary facilities to be important, this counts more towards the final score. A campsite's score is expressed in stars. The maximum attainable is 5 stars. Campsites with this score are awarded the predicate ANWB Top camping. They have excellent sanitary facilities, a great terrain and many amenities. Molecaten parks Flevostrand and Bosbad Hoeven have been part of this list since December 2016.

All Molecaten campings are ANWB approved campings

Campings with 3 stars or more receive the predicate ANWB Approved campsite. All Molecaten campings are in this list: