Highlights entertainment programme Molecaten Park Noordduinen

Activities your kids will definitely want to attend!

The 2023 entertainment programme has some fun highlights. These are activities you don't want to miss during your stay at our park. We have listed all the activities.

Foto Geer Natuurbeheer

Geer of Nature Management

Thursday 20 July

During this mobile and educational game show, researcher Gerard de Vos takes children on a quiz expedition around the world. Together, they discover all about animals, insects, bombs, plants and what you can do to take better care of the earth!

Foto Voetbal dart

Football Clinic

Wednesday 26 July

In this football clinic, all kinds of skills and tricks will be done that you can use when playing football. In different groups, you will work on your technique and endurance.

Foto Willy Nicky

Willy & Nicky

Saturday 29 July

Willy is the somewhat naive, not too bright and curious sidekick of Waldo the Wonder Investigator. Mr Waldo, unfortunately, is just far too busy inventing, and that goes much better without the clumsy Willy around him. Fortunately, Willy is joined by his best friend: "Nicky!" Together they guarantee a hilarious, interactive, crazy, magical and wonderful theatre performance.

Foto Schuimparty 1

Foam party

Thursday 3 August

Meanwhile, the foam parties have become a household name within Molecaten. Cool music, cool lights and of course lots of foam. A party not to be missed!

Foto Science workshop

Science workshop - Crime lab

Wednesday 9 August

Together with a supervisor, the children are real junior researchers. The workshop is interspersed with explanations and surprising and spectacular demonstrator experiments.

Foto Drumtastic2


Saturday 12 August

Drumtastic is a swinging drum workout on a fitness ball. These balls lie on height-adjustable blocks. Drumtastic can therefore be given to children from 4 years up to adults. The workshops have a low entry level, allowing everyone to join in.