Winter in the province Utrecht

Book your stay in the winter in Utrecht

A short or long holiday, taking a break is always a good idea, so enjoy a stay in the winter at Molecaten in Utrecht.

The beautiful ‘Dom’ city of Utrecht is surrounded by impressive burrows, fortresses and castles, among which the largest castle of the Netherlands: Castle ‘de Haar’. Tour the historic fortresses and listen to the thrilling stories about the new Dutch Waterline or climb the actual top of the Utrecht hill ridge: the Pyramid of Austerlitz. Also fun: a day of shopping and strolling through Utrecht or Amersfoort.

Admire the winter at Molecaten. A winter holiday where nothing is compulsory and everything is possible! Stroll through a historic town, visit a museum, brave the wind and cold in nature or surprise grandparents with an unforgettable time with the grandchildren!

These are accommodations for the best traditions with the whole family or a large group of friends! There is nothing like going out with your lovely family or friends and being able to stay in an accommodation where you can be comfortable together. Pets not allowed.

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