In the vicinity of Molecaten Park Wijde Blick

Holidays to the coast; the coast of Zeeland

Zeeland is culture and tradition in old villages, but above all sea and beach fun! Top rated for 'Fun & Beachsports'. Wind, waves and beach are the perfect combination for kite surfing, blo-karting and wave surfing. Are you up for the challenge? After a day on the beach, it's great to relax at a beach pavilion with a view of Zeeland's beautiful beach. As a hiker or cyclist, take the wonderful paths through the nature reserves of Boswachterij Westerschouwen. Bird spotters should definitely go to the bird promenade on the south side of the island of Schouwen-Duiveland! Good fun as well; a day at Middelburg, Neeltje Jans or across the border to Knokke!

Beyond the polder, the sea awaits!

From beach to beach
The North Sea beach of Schouwen-Duiveland is located behind impressive dunes and is very popular, due to the many hours of sunshine. To give all beach lovers the space they need, the coastline is divided into different types of beaches. There are family beaches (for example the Jan van Renesse beach), nature beaches and (water) sports beaches (for example Het Klokje). No two beach days are the same; let’s go beach hopping!

For an overview of all types of beaches (Renesse alone has 17 km of beaches!) drop by our reception or visit the VVV in Renesse.