Molecaten holiday park by the Brielse Meer

The ultimate combination of water sports & sun, sea and beach!

The Brielse lake is a pleasant place to stay. The lake is very suitable for water sports such as sailing, surfing or water skiing. Along the shore you will find numerous jetties and nice little harbours, such as the fortress town of Brielle and the former fishing village of Zwartewaal. It is safe to swim in the Brielse Meer from the ‘Kruininger Gors’ beach, but you can also swim in the North Sea! The beach at Maasvlakte 2, where there is also room for naturists and kite/ windsurfers, is a little further away. If you are looking for peace and quiet, choose the natural beach at Oostvoorne (also a bird sanctuary).

Molecaten holiday park by the ‘Brielse Meer’

Kruininger Gors

Brielse Meer

Since 1948, families from the city have been enjoying a country cottage on this cheerful holiday village at the Brielse Meer in Oostvoorne. Also interested in a second home? Come and have a look at the permanent campsites and second homes for sale. Pets are allowed on the Bosland plot.

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